Pyroraptor storeHere’s some box art for the upcoming Beasts of The Mesozoic toy line that has been (More than) successfully funded by Creative Beast Studios. Here’s a Pyroraptor. Two more to go! Keep an eye out!

Also coming up soon, Massive Con, BronyCon and (so not ready for) SDCC!


Lil’ Poopy! Also FCBD!


RICKMORTY-LPSS-1-HASTINGS-VARIANTHey guys!! Super excited to announce I did a variant cover for one of my favorite shows, Rick and Morty via Oni Press’ Hastings cover! You can see my cover along with all the others here!

asha FCBD teaser useAlso Free Comic Book Day coming up! I’ll be in Greensboro, NC at Acme Comics. Look for my Bob’s Burger’s Comic Cover and also the CBLDF will have a great issue with the first printed look at asha Ascending, a YA story I’m working on with Vivek Tiwary! Check it out at AshaAscending.com


Charity Badges!


100% proceeds to the Sloth Sanctuary!

Charity Badges like these in my store here, or click the link for my store above.

Instead of collecting dust or throwing away my badges after a show, I’ve decided to do a little sketch on them and raise some money for charity. đŸ™‚ I change the charity each show, but Sloth Sanctuary is up for these past few!

charity table151 pinkie badge c2e2 twilight badge